Shetland (never "The Shetlands") is a group of about 100 islands that lie 160 km (100 miles) north of the British mainland and 400 km (250 miles) west of Bergen in Norway, at the juncture of the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea. The 15 inhabited islands support a population of about 22,5000 people.

Surrounded by the sea which dominates all aspects of Shetland life, Shetland has a distinctive landscape, a wealth of sea birds and other wildlife, its own dialect, its own culture and a relatively prosperous economy.

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Scalloway is a small harbour town (population ~800) on the west coast of Shetland, about 10 minutes drive from the islands' capital Lerwick (see here for directions).

Scalloway is the second largest town in Shetland (after Lerwick) and the islands' historic capital. The town is dominated by its magnificent castle, built in about 1600 by Patrick Stewart, second Earl of Orkney and Lord of Shetland.

Today Scalloway is one of the principal centres of Shetland fishering and aquaculyure industries, and its busy harbour also plays host to commercial and oil-related shipping.

Despite its small size, Scalloway offers a wide range of local amenities (all within 15 minutes walk of NAFC) including:

  • Shops (including a butcher, chemist and Post Office) stocking a wide range of food and household goods
  • Swimming pool
  • Hotel, restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Doctor
  • Barber / hairdresser
  • Museum
  • Cash machine (charge applies)
  • Regular bus service to/from Lerwick
  • Ready access to beautiful surrounding countryside and coastline

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