Cleaton Duguid


Cleaton Duguid, Class 1 Master (Unlimited) (SA & UK) & DP (Unlimited),  joined the NAFC Marine Centre in December 2018 after serving over 30 years at sea in both the deck and engineering departments.

Cleaton trained in South Africa, completing his studies for both Engineering and Nautical qualifications at the Durban University of Technology. During his training he served time at sea both as an engineer and deck cadet, and on shore as a railway workshop apprentice and with 3 engineering firms.

Having obtained his Class 4 Engineer Certificate of Competency and served at sea as a 4th engineer and as a deck officer, Cleaton opted to switch permanently to the deck department where he has served in all ranks from 3rd Officer to Captain.

As an engineer officer Cleaton served on a variety of motor vessels as well as being fortunate enough to serve on a steam turbine containership - Safmarine's SA Langeberg - plying its trade between Africa and Europe. With a top speed of just over 32 knots this was one of the fastest vessels that Cleaton served on, rivalled only by Cunard's QE2.

In 2000 Cleaton completed training as a Dynamic Positioning Operator at Lowestoft College since when he has gained over a decade and half’s worth of experience in Dynamic Positioning operation.

Cleaton has served on a large variety of vessels including Container, General Cargo, RoRo, Product Tankers, Bitumen Tankers, Platform Supply and Anchor Handling, Offshore Diamond Mining, Cruise, Antarctic Supply & Research, Fisheries Research, DP Oil Drilling (ships and semi-subs), DP Multi Role Subsea trenching and cable laying, DP Pipe Laying, DP Flotels (barges and semi-subs) and DP Rocket Launching (semi-sub).

Some of the more notable vessels that Cleaton has served on include a number of seasons on the Antarctic Supply & Research vessel SA Agulhas carrying out research and transporting supplies to Antarctica and Antarctic islands; one and half years on Cunard’s QE2; and several years on Sea Launch’s commercial satellite rocket launching vessel LP Odyssey.

On shore, Cleaton served for a time as a volunteer police reservist, helping combat crime affecting the community in his home area.


As a lecturer at NAFC Cleaton hopes to inspire new generations of students to explore the wide range of career opportunities open to them in both the seagoing and shore based maritime sectors.

Much of his inspiration for becoming a lecturer comes, he says, from the lecturers that he had during his studies at the Durban University of Technology: Capt. Allan Parkinson, Master (Unlimited) (SA); Capt. Mike Stewart, Extra Master (UK); Capt. John Abercrombie, Extra Master (SA); Peter Calder, Chief Eng. (UK); Capt. Donald McFadyen, Master (Unlimited) (SA); Nigel Rowe, Master (Unlimited) (UK); and last but not least, all his Mechanical Engineering Faculty lecturers.