Dr Ian Napier


Senior Policy Advisor

Ian Napier, staff

Tel: 01595 772308

Email: ian.napier@uhi.ac.uk


Ian's principal role is to provide advice, information and assistance on fisheries management, fisheries policy and related issues to Shetland Islands Council, Shetland's fishing industry and other organisations.  This includes monitoring the state of the Shetland fishing industry and the impacts of changes in management measures and other relevant factors, and involves working closely with Shetland's fisheries organisations.

Specialities/Research Interests/Skills

Fisheries management, fisheries policy and Shetland's fishing industry.  Also marine climate change in Shetland and the history of Shetland's fishing industry.

Brief History

Ian was born and grew up in Shetland.  After studying at the University of Aberdeen (BSc Hons Zoology) and the University Marine Biological Station Millport (PhD) he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, before returning to Shetland in 1995 when he joined the staff of the NAFC Marine Centre.

Since then, Ian has fulfilled a number of roles at the NAFC, including the development and delivery of new undergraduate and postgraduate courses in fisheries science.  He was also closely involved in the development of the Centre's fisheries research programme and of Shetland's local shellfish fisheries management system.



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