Iain Detrey

PhD Student content

PhD Student

Tel: 01595 772215
Email: iain.detrey@uhi.ac.uk
Twitter: @IDetrey


Iain is a PhD student enrolled at the Environmental Research Institute (UHI) and is supported by the NAFC Marine Centre. He is working with the Shetland Gas Plant to assess the viability of long term peat storage for use in future restoration. His project is funded by the European Social Fund.

Brief History

Iain graduated from Bangor University in 2014 with a BSc in Biology. He then successfully secured a scholarship for a Wetland Science and Conservation MSc, again at Bangor University, where he carried out a project with an industrial partner looking to increase carbon storage in peatlands by strengthening the enzymic latch using a brewing by-product. He completed this in 2015 and went on to work as an environmental technician for a construction consultancy in Leicester before beginning his PhD project in 2017.