Lesley McEvoy

Aquaculture Scientist and Instructor content

Aquaculture Scientist and Instructor

Tel: 01595 772330
Email: lesley.mcevoy@uhi.ac.uk


Providing training, advice, applied research and consultancies in support of the aquaculture industry.

Specialities/Research Interests/Skills

Lesley has an international reputation and strong network of industry and research links within the fields of broodstock management and egg/larval quality in farmed marine fish; formulating and testing fish and live-prey diets, and biochemical quality indices in salmon, cod, turbot, halibut and sea bass. Lesley is project applicant and co-ordinator of the Coastal Communities Fund Seaweed Project.

Brief History

Lesley graduated in Zoology with Marine Zoology from Bangor University in North Wales in 1978, followed by an industry-sponsored PhD (“Egg-quality in Captive Turbot, Scophthalmus maximus L.) awarded by Liverpool University in 1981.

She has eight years ‘hands on’ employment experience in commercial marine hatcheries in Shetland, Norway, France and the Isle of Man, plus a further 16 years of industry-relevant and site-based research within the field of marine aquaculture (Port Erin Marine Laboratory, Isle of Man; NERC Unit of Aquatic Biochemistry and the Institute of Aquaculture in Stirling; NAFC Marine Centre, Shetland).

Lesley also has many years’ experience as an instructor, teacher, lecturer and supervisor of Aquaculture and Fisheries vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate and research students at the Universities of Swansea, Stirling; La Laguna (Tenerife), and the NAFC Marine Centre.


Over 40 peer-reviewed publications.