Engineering Academy


for S5 & S6 school pupils

The Engineering Academy offers young people in Shetland the opportunity to attend college and gain knowledge, skills and work experience during their 5th or 6th year at school.

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This is a 1 year programme that allows you to attend college on a part-time basis during your 5th or 6th year at school. You will work towards a National Certificate (NC) in Engineering Systems - an entry-level course at SCQF Level 5 that provides a broad-based introduction to general engineering subjects, with a particular emphasis on practical skills and knowledge. You will also have the chance to gain paid work experience with a local engineering company.


Entry Requirements

You should be about to start your 5th or 6th year at school and be studying (and expect to achieve) English and Maths at National 4 or above. Studying Physics or Engineering Science would also be an advantage.



You will work towards a National Certificate (NC) in Engineering Systems, which will include the following topics:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering IT
  • Engineering Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering Principles
  • Electrical Principles
  • Electrical Wiring Skills
  • Engineering Systems: Principles, application, test and measurement
  • Health and Safety - Engineering & Maintenance
  • Plant Maintenance Practice

You will also have the oppertunity to gain work experience through a placement with a local engineering company.



This is a 1 year programme delivered on a part-time basis.

You will attend college at the NAFC Marine Centre in Scalloway on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during term time (from 1.30 to 4.30). You will also have 2 periods per week at school with an engineering lecturer from NAFC. Your school will timetable your other  subjects so that you don’t miss any other classes.

Work experience will be during the summer holidays.


Work Experience

The Engineering Academy includes a paid work-placement with a local engineering firm. This is intended to give you an understanding and practical experience of the workplace, and of the work of an engineer by working alongside engineers and tradesmen as they apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations.

During your placement you may be asked to undertake a variety of tasks but will have the chance to use the skills and knowledge that you have gained at college by applying them to real-world tasks.

Prior to the placement starting you will be linked to a workplace mentor who will give you information about the placement and will support you at all times during your placement.

The placement will usually be for 3 weeks during the summer holidays. The exact work schedule will vary between employers, but you will normally be expected to follow the firm's normal working hours, five days per week. Your travel costs to and from work will be covered.



None. There are no fees for this course and transport between school and college will be provided.


Career Opportunities

When you complete the Engineering Academy programme you will have gained a basic engineering qualification and practical knowledge and experience of engineering and of the engineering workplace.

These could help you gain a job in engineering, or another related field.

Alternatively, you could continue training by starting a Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering. With a National Certificate in Engineering Systemsyou could be exempt from the 1st year of the apprenticeship.


Further Information and Applications

If you need more information or want to apply for the Engineering Academy please speak to your Pupil Support Teacher.

Please note that you may be asked to attend an interview and that it may not be possible to offer a place on the programme to everyone that applies.