Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW)


 3 day taught practical course. MCA / STCW approved.

NAFC Course Code: ME86

Group of firefighters 



This 3-day course provides theorertical and practical training in the prevention and fighting of fires on ships. It is part of the basic safety training required by all persons working at sea on merchant ships under the International Conventions on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers (STCW).

All persons working at sea or applying for UK Certificates of Competency must have completed a Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course, or refreshed their training, within the previous five years.

This course is delivered at the Fire Training Centre at Sumburgh Airport by Highlands and Islands Airport Limited staff.


Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements.

Candidates must be medically fit and able to complete the practical training elements of the course which may be physically demanding.



The course covers and range of topics relevant to the prevention and fighting of fires at sea, including:

  • Theory of firefighting and prevention.
  • Different types of fire.
  • Minimising the risks of fires on board ships.
  • Firefighting equipment and procedures.
  • Use of firefighting equipment and hoses.
  • Use of breathing apparatus. 
  • Searching for casualties in smoke filled space.


This 3-day course is delivered at the Fire Training Centre at Sumburgh Airport. Directions to the training centre will be provided on registration.

The course includes both classroom-based training and practical training sessions which include the use of breathing apparatus and fire fighting equipment in simulated fire conditions, including smoke-filled spaces.


This course includes practical training in hot and smoke-filled spaces, including the use of breathing apparatus.

  • Wear cotton clothing - synthetic materials can melt.
  • Do not wear jewellery, or clothing containing metal close to the skin (including zips, studs and underwired bras) - metal can become very hot.
  • Facial hair should be neatly trimed - to allow breathing apparatus to be worn.

You should bring a change of clothes and a packed lunch each day.





  • £655

(Fees are subject to change without notice.)


Booking / Queries

To book a course please download an application form, or contact NAFC.

If you have any questions or need any more information please contact NAFC.