Forklift Truck Operation


1, 2 or 3 day courses for forklift truck operators,
depending on level of previous experience.

NAFC Course Codes: AQ71 (3 days)
AQ72 (2 days)
AQ73 (1 day)



These courses provide practical and theoretical (classroom) training in the operation of forklift trucks (industrial, masted lift trucks of <5 tonnes capacity). They are suitable for anyone who requires certification in forklift truck operations for their job.

Three courses are available, depending on the level of prior experience:

  • 3 day course (AQ71) - for novice operators or operators with limited previous experience.
  • 2 day course (AQ72) - for experienced operators whose certificates have expired.
  • 1 day course (AQ73) - refresher course for qualified operators who wish to renew their certificate.

All courses include a theoretical and practical assessment, on successful completion of which a Lantra Certificate in Lift Truck Operations will be awarded.


Entry Requirements

No previous knowledge or experience is required for the 3 day course. The other courses assume some previous level of knowledge and practical experience.

You must be at least 16 years old to obtain a Forklift Truck Operator's Certificate.

You do not need a driving licence to undertake these courses (but you will need a driving licence if you intend to drive a forklift on a public road).



The basic content of all the courses is the same and includes:

  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines for forklift trucks.
  • Introduction to lift trucks: pre-start checks and operating.
  • Starting, stopping and basic manoeuvring.
  • Operating with pallets and loads.
  • Handling bulk and difficult loads.

The 3 day course assumes little or no prior experience or knowledge of these topics and includes a significant amount of theoretical (classroom) and practical training.

The 2 day course includes some training but assumes a greater degree of prior knowledge and experience.

The 1 day course includes only a short refresher of theory and practice followed by the assessments.

All courses include theoretical and practical assessments. A forklift truck operator's certificate will only be awarded if both assessments are successfully completed.



These courses can be delivered at the NAFC Marine Centre or at an employer's premises, subject to the availability of a suitable forklift truck and facilities.



Courses can also be arranged to suit customers' requirements - please contact the NAFC Marine Centre.



  • 1 day course: £200
  • 2 day course: £400
  • 3 day course: £500

NOTE: For taught course delivery outside Shetland the lecturer's travel and other expenses will be charged in addition to these fees.

(Fees are subject to change without notice.)


Booking / Queries

To book a course please download an application form, or contact NAFC.

If you have any questions or need any more information please contact NAFC.