Modern Apprenticeship: Engine Room Rating


NAFC Course Code: ME83

Engine room of ship




This apprenticeship is aimed at persons wishing to work at sea on merchant ships as an Engine Room Rating. Engine Room Ratings carry out a range of important tasks on ships including the maintenance, servicing and repair of machinery and electrical systems, and assisting the engineering officer of the watch by monitoring the safe running of the engineering plant and other equipment.

It will normally take about 18 months to complete this apprenticeship, including both time working at sea and periods of study at NAFC.

On successful completion of the programme you will receive a Maritime Skills Alliance Modern Apprenticeship in Maritime Occupations: Engine Room Rating at SCQF Level 5, an SQA Diploma in Maritime Studies: Able Seafarer (Engine Room) at Level 2 (equivalent to a National 5), a Watch Rating Certificate (Engine Room), an Able Seafarer Certificate (Engine Room), and additional short course certificates.

(SCQF = Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework)


Entry Requirements

Candidates must:

  • be at least 16 years old.
  • be employed in an appropriate position by a shipping company, and have the support of their employer.
  • be capable of completing the short courses required as part of the programme.
  • pass a Maritime & Coastguard Agency medical examination (ENG1) which includes standards for physical fitness and eyesight.
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To complete this programme you will have to complete a number of training units and short courses at the NAFC Marine Centre, and demonstrate your ability to complete a range of tasks while working at sea on a ship by completing a Training Record Book.


  • Maritime Employment, Environmental and Health and Safety Practice
  • Maritime Sector Overview
  • Safe Operation of Merchant Vessel Machinery Systems
  • Electrical Safety on Merchant Vessels
  • Producing Components using Hand Fitting Techniques
  • Preparing and using Lathes for Turning Operations

Short Courses

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Fire Prevention and Fire-Fighting
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Security Awareness
  • Entry into Enclosed Spaces


The programme normally requires about 18 months to complete and will require at least 8 months working at sea to gain necessary experience and sea time, as well as periods of study at the NAFC Marine Centre.

During your time at sea you will have to maintain a Training Record Book which will provide evidence of your experience and that you have demonstrated that you can carry out a variety of tasks.

Assessment will be by a combination of formal written and practical exams, assessment of your performance on board ship, and your Training Record Book.



Please contact the NAFC Marine Centre to enquire about course dates.



Fees are normally covered by Skills Development Scotland.


Booking / Queries

To book a course please download an application form, or contact NAFC.

If you have any questions or need any more information please contact NAFC.