UHI Library and Loans


As part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, students and staff of the NAFC Marine Centre have full access to the library resources provided by the university.

If you find a book in the UHI catalogue which isn't in the NAFC Library, contact the librarian to arrange this. As well as a vast collection of eResources, the libraries of the colleges and institutions which make up the University participate in a free-of-charge Inter-Site Lending scheme. This means if we are unable to supply a title for you locally, chances are that we will be able to borrow it at no cost for you from another site.

There are some restrictions to this - each institution may decide for reasons of value or fragility for instance, not to send particular items to another site. In general, however, the system works well and greatly increases the amount of resources available.

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We are also able to source hard-to-obtain material through the British Library.