Aquaculture Research


The aquaculture team delivers a wide range of research, innovation, consultancy and knowledge exchange activities, which take place in our laboratories, aquaculture research facilities and also on-site at commercial companies. Through our long track-record of aquaculture science projects, we have gained an extensive array of aquaculture capabilities and most of our staff have significant direct experience of working in aquaculture businesses.

We also deliver a wide range of aquaculture vocational training and CPD courses.

Recent projects demonstrate our wide range of specialisms and highlight our ongoing relevance to the needs of the aquaculture industry.. These include:

The welfare of aquatic stocks and the environment through:

  • Management and control of sea lice:
    • Testing of novel chemotherapeutants and.
    • Cleanerfish (lumpfish and wrasse).
  • Nutrition and diets for fish and shellfish.
  • Shellfish farm production capacity and growth modelling .

Developing novel aquaculture species appropriate to Shetland waters:

  • Exploring environmentally and ethically sound protocols for evaluating species as potential aquaculture candidates, including:
    • Coldwater marine finfish species: Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut and haddock; and shellfish: European lobster and sea urchins.
    • Production of juvenile bivalves (mussels).
    • Seaweed cultivation and development of end-products.

Our recent Knowledge Exchange activities include delivery of innovation projects, outreach and training programs that support sustainability, enterprise, and optimisation of production.

Members of our staff also currently hold the roles of Chair and Knowledge Exchange Officer of the UHI Aquaculture Hub.

Please contact us to see how we can help support your project or innovation ideas.

Recent and Ongoing Projects content

Recent and Ongoing Projects

See our Research Publications for previous projects.

Mussel line

Shell-volution Consultation

Helping develop an R&D strategy for the aquaculture industry


Seaweed Cultivation

Can seaweed cultivation be a viable industry in Shetland?