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Since 2011 the NAFC Marine Centre has undertaken an annual survey of fish in the inshore waters around Shetland, up to 12 nautical miles offshore, with the intention of providing an independent index of the relative abundance of commercially important and other fish species in the waters around Shetland. The survey also aims to determine the extent of inter-annual variability in the local distribution of commercially important species.

The surveys have been carried out using NAFC's 12 metre fishing vessel Atlantia II (LK 502) during August and September each year. A standardised survey trawl fitted with a small-mesh (20 mm) cod-end has been used to make hauls from about 27 pre-defined locations within 12 nautical miles of Shetland.

Since 2017, a concurrent shallow fish survey has also been undertaken with 25 hauls targeting potential nursery grounds around the coast of Shetland.

Catch rate (catch per unit effort - CPUE) and length data have been collected for the principal commercial species caught to investigate variations in their relative abundances, population structure and recruitment.

Atlantia II coming in to Scalloway

FV Atlantia II (LK 502)

Overview of annual Shetland trawl survey data (2011 - 2019): content Cover of 2019 Inshore Fish Survey Report

Overview of annual Shetland trawl survey data (2011 - 2019):

Catch rates and size compositions of commercial demersal fish species in nearshore waters

The latest report from the Shetland Inshore Fish Survey.

December 2019.



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