Seven Arm Octopus

Haliphron atlanticus

This species is thought to be the largest known species of octopus, with a total estimated length of 4 m and weight of 75 kg. 

From the information we can find, the seven arm octopus has been caught by two other Shetland boats, the Guiding Light in 1995 at the Ramna Stacks and the Langdale in 1999 at Flugga Grounds.  Both were sent to Aberdeen for identification and more information can be found in The Shetland Naturalist.  Volume 1, pages 123-124.

This seven arm octopus caught by the Arcturus had a mantle length of 29 cm and the total length (although bits of the arms were missing) was measured as 92 cm.

Seven-arm octopus

Seven-arm octopus

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