How Can You Help?

Good practice and a fast response can limit the spread of non-native species. Shetland has few non-native species, but many more are found elsewhere in Scotland. You can help keep Shetland this way.

Good Practice

  • Keep boats and structures as free of fouling as possible.
  • Check, clean and dry personal gear when moving between different areas.
  • Don't throw even small pieces of non-native species back into the water, as some can grow back from tiny bits.

Act Quickly

  • Keep your eyes open for the Non-Native Species featured in this website.
  • If you think you have found one, please Contact NAFC.

Finding a Non-Native Species

If you find a non-native species, you can report it by downloading our introduced species recording form, just fill it in and send to us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about non-native species or climate change indicator species, or if you think you have found one, please Contact NAFC.