Identifying Climate Smart Development Pathways for the Scottish Pelagic Fishing Industry


PhD Project (University of Aberdeen) - Ongoing


Mackerel in a bucket

In light of the growing food crisis and added pressure from climate change, there is increasing pressure to develop sustainable food sources. This PhD aims to investigate how the Pelagic fishing industry of Scotland might develop meet these demands.

This project will address the following questions:

  1. What are the climate related environmental impacts of the Scottish pelagic fishing industry and what are the relative importance of region, gear used, species caught with current and historical practice?
  2. In capture fisheries which environmental impacts are inherent and fixed and which are functions of practices where there is potential to intervene and change practice to reduce climate impact?
  3. How would a shift towards greater consumption of pelagic fish to provide protein, i) mitigate negative environmental impacts, ii) improve public health? How much of our protein needs could be sustainably be met from Scottish pelagic fisheries?


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For further information about this project contact Frances Sandison.