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The NAFC Marine Centre is an educational and scientific institute, located in Scalloway in Shetland.

The Centre provides a range of services relevant to the maritime industries, including: training and education; research and development; and consultancy and advisory services. The Centre is operated by a charitable trust (the Shetland Fisheries Training Centre Trust) and employs about 40 people.

Training and Education content

Training and Education

NAFC offers a range of training courses relevant to the maritime industries (including the merchant navy, fishing and aquaculture), shore-based engineering, and recreational sailors. Maritime courses range from the three-year Merchant Navy Cadet Programme to short courses and cover both 'deck' (navigation etc) and marine engineering topics, as well as other subjects required by seafarers.

A full list of the courses that we offer is available here.

Research and Development content

Research and Development

NAFC carries out a range of applied research and development projects in subjects relevant to the fishing and aquaculture industries, marine spatial planning and the marine environment in general. These include the assessment of shellfish stocks and the provision of fisheries management advice to the Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation, and the preparation of the Shetland Islands Marine Spatial Plan and associated guidance.

A list of recent and previous research and development projects is available here.

Consultancy and Advisory Services content

Consultancy and Advisory Services

NAFC can provide a range of research, marine survey, and advisory and other services relevant to its areas of work on a contract or consultancy basis.

Where we are content

Where we are

The NAFC Marine Centre is located in the small harbour town of Scalloway, in the Shetland Islands.

Directions to NAFC are available here, and there is more information about Scalloway and Shetland here.