Arthur Johnson

Fisheries Technician/Vessel Skipper content

Fisheries Technician/Vessel Skipper

Tel: 01595 772210


To skipper/maintain Atlantia II and Moder Dy, and to keep both vessels in a ready state to go to sea.  This includes routine safety equipment checks, as well as machinery maintenance checks.

Arthur helped out on the Centre's fish farm and he also teaches net mending skills to fishing trainees.

Specialities/Research Interests/Skills

Arthur has been involved with the following projects: Eurogel; monkfish tagging; sand eel survey; tagging brown crab; velvet crab survey; scallop survey; scallop tagging project; ISA/IPN study for FRS; live cod capture for breeding; capture of cod to assess stocks inshore around Shetland; plankton and water sampling for FRS and the University of Galway; benthic sampling for SSQC; jig fishing project; jig trial for squid; yearly field trips for University of Aberdeen; as well as trips for local schools.

He has also attended flume tank courses on the design and behaviour of trawls.

Brief History

Arthur left school and went into the fishing industry on several local boats before joining the NAFC Marine Centre.


Arthur has participated in a number of NAFC publications having used the Atlantia and Moder Dy for a variety of projects.  His most memorable was the monkfish tagging project.