Mathew Wright

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Aquaculture Trainer

Tel: 01595 772237

Specialities/Research Interests/Skills

Mathew is responsible for assisting the Aquaculture Trainer with the delivery of aquaculture training courses including SVQ Level 2 and 3 for the Modern Apprenticeship in aquaculture.

Brief History

Matthew moved to Shetland in 2002 to undertake an MSC in Mariculture Science and Technology. He had previously worked in a Marine Hatchery and Ecotox facility in Flotta, Orkney, where he grew eight different species of algae, raised Acartia Tonsa copepods and looked after batches of juvenile turbot, oysters and mussels.

After completing the MSC he was offered a job as Technical Officer for the Shetland Salmon Group. This involved completing SEPA and works licence planning permission applications, organising environmental statements and collating data for quality assurance schemes, in addition to liaising with sales teams and general troubleshooting.

In 2005 Matthew moved to SSQC to become an Aquaculture auditor and over the years audited salmon farms in Shetland, Orkney and Northern Ireland to over ten different standards including Freedom Food, Code of Good Practice, Global Gap, Label Rouge, Organic Food Federation and Naturland. He also audited a diverse number of units in Scotland for the Organic Food Federation that included a whisky distillery and coffee production factory. In addition to this he worked part time as a Microbiology lab technician; principle sampling officer for Legionella sample collection; deputy quality manager for the microbiology lab and also health and safety officer.

Matthew started as Aquaculture Trainer for the NAFC in 2017