Sathappan (Saro) Saravanan

Internal Verifier - Academic Quality content

Internal Verifier - Academic Quality

Tel: 01595 772405


Saro is responsible for maintaining quality assurance and standards for the Aquaculture courses delivered by the NAFC Marine Centre, and for developing online and blended learning materials.

Since joining the Training and Skills Department, Saro has been involved in carrying out internal verifications for the Modern Apprenticeship programme and other tailored short courses delivered at NAFC to maintain academic quality and meet the awarding body requirements.

Saro has taken a keen interest in online education after doing his own online studies at UHI and Open University. He is involved in developing e-learning courses in Blackboard and also has experience of developing courses in Moodle e-learning platform.

Prior to joining the Training and Skills department, Saro worked as Scientist at NAFC's Marine Hatchery facility involved in a variety of marine finfish hatchery production (cod, halibut, wrasse, lumpsucker) and shellfish rearing (lobster, mussels), curriculum development (SVQ & NPA), sea lice projects, delivering training and education to varied age groups.


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Watson, J., Sales, S., Cumming, G., Fitzsimmons, S., Walden, J., Arthur, G., Saravanan, S., McEvoy, L.A., (2006). Comparison of performance of two size groups of farmed cod (Gadus morhua L.) juveniles following transfer to sea cages. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 63: 340-345.


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) since 2012
  • STEM Ambassador for schools
  • EU AquaTNET WP6 project to promote lifelong learning in Aquaculture. Delivered e-Portfolio training to EU candidates as part of the workshop held at Malta in 2014.