Aquaculture Apprenticeships

Aquaculture apprenticeships provide practical, ‘on-the-job’ training and skills development for persons working in the aquaculture industry at all levels, leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

Aquaculture apprenticeships are available at three levels, providing a progression route and career-development path from first-entry to the aquaculture industry to senior management positions:

For new and less experienced-staff:

For more experienced staff:

For senior staff and managers:

While it is normal to progress through the levels, you may be able to enter directly at a higher level if you have relevant experience and/or previous qualifications.

Most training and assessment is workplace-based, but some training at the NAFC Marine Centre (or another training centre) may also be required. The Technical Apprenticeship (level 9) makes extensive use of self-study via online distance-learning.

On successful completion of each level you will receive a Lantra Modern Apprenticeship and an SQA Scottish Vocational Qualification.

For further information see the individual apprenticeships listed above, or contact the NAFC Marine Centre.