Print collection

The library houses a collection of books, maps , reports, theses, and unpublished materials linked to the subjects studied and researched at the NAFC Marine Centre. There are class sets of textbooks for cadets for students studying for specific qualifications, as well as an important collection of books and other materials on Fisheries Management, Aquaculture, Fishing, Sailing, and Marine Science. We add to our collection regularly, particularly with material relating to Shetland's marine and maritime connections, both historic and current.

Print materials are listed in the UHI Catalogue. The catalogue contains material from all the UHI partner institutions. To limit your search to just NAFC Library materials, you can use the drop-down menu.

UHI Library catalogue search

The catalogue can be searched using a variety of terms: Keyword, Author, Title, ISBN, Subject, etc. Once you have located a book or other item you want to see, the catalogue entry will tell you where it is located, whether it is available, and the length of time it can be borrowed.

UHI Library catalogue listing

Electronic Resources

As part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, students and staff of the NAFC Marine Centre can access a vast number of E-resources, including :

  • E-books
  • databases of scholarly journal articles
  • newspaper archives
  • legislation
  • research reports
  • maps
  • charts

Most of these are subscription services, paid for by the University. In order to access them you need to login using your UHI number and password - these are the same details that you use for logging into you computer at the NAFC. You can get access from any computer with internet access. Access from a computer on the UHI network is usually straightforward, From off-campus you may need to take an extra step to identify yourself as UHI.

Accessing UHI eResources 'off-campus'

When you use UHI eResources on a computer on campus, you will usually be prompted to enter your UHI username and password before being taken to the journal, database of ebook requested.

When you are off-campus you need to let the resource supplier know that you are entitled to use the resource. Unlike when you are on campus, the supplier will not recognise which institution you are from, so will not display the UHI login page.

The UHI uses systems called Shibboleth and The UK Access Management Federation to check your entitlement. The site may request 'Login via Shibboleth', 'Login via your Institution' or 'Institutional login'. There will be a space for you to type your institution name (University of the Highlands and Islands) and then you will be asked for your UHI username and password.

Access via MyUHI

We are constantly updating access to our eResources to make it easier to use them off campus, however certain resources can still only be accessed off campus by going through MyUHI, the UHI virtual desktop. This available on any computer with an internet connection. Once logged on to MyUHI, the eResource supplier will recognise you as coming from a UHI Computer.

You should note that all the eResources can be accessed this way, and it is often an easier method than finding a way to login via Shibboleth. See further information on MyUHI.

For full details of the E-resources available and how to use them, see the eResources library page.