Fish Tag Win for Mission

The Fishermen's Mission has again benefited from the NAFC Marine Centre's fish tagging work, with the crew of the 'Tranquility' donating their £100 prize from the Centre's 2017 prize draw.

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Mission Superintendent Aubrey Jamieson (L) receives the Tranquility's donation from Leanna Henderson.

The Tranquility (LK 63) was the winner of the annual prize draw for boats that have caught and returned a fish tagged by the NAFC Marine Centre. Skippers Stuart Anderson and David Reid chose to donate their prize to the Shetland branch of the Fishermen's Mission and a cheque was recently presented on their behalf to local Mission Superintendent Aubrey Jamieson.

NAFC Marine Centre scientists tagged almost 5,000 fish in Shetland's inshore waters in 2017 to obtain information on their movements and growth - information that can contribute to the more effective management of fish stocks. The focus this year was on tagging smaller fish, and skates and rays were tagged for the first time, in addition to the usual plaice, lemon sole and monks.

The fish tagged by NAFC are caught by its fishing vessel Atlantia II, skippered by Arthur Johnson, using a specially modified 'live-fish' trawl net before being measured, tagged and released back into the sea. The tags identify individual fish so that when they are caught again it is possible to work out how far they have travelled since they were tagged, and how much they have grown.

Since 2013, NAFC scientists have tagged a total of 13,301 fish, of which 742 have been recaptured. Fishermen who catch and return a tagged fish receive a reward of £5 (plus the value of the fish) and their name is entered in an annual £100 prize draw.

Dr Chevonne Angus, NAFC's Joint Head of Marine Science, thanked all of the fishermen, fish processors, and fish markets who have returned tagged fish or assisted with the project and urged everyone to continue looking out for tagged fish in their catches.

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