Aquaculture & Aquatic Cultivation


Aquaculture fish farm

NAFC Marine Centre UHI have worked in partnership with a wide range of commercial aquaculture companies and a number of other sectors such as life-sciences groups or those working with the natural marine environment that require aquatic cultivation services.  Our broad experience allows us to provide contract R&D, innovation, and consultancy services across a number of disciplines allowing us to provide initial support and advice, further development of concepts, and full project delivery.

Services which we can provide include:

  • Testing, validating, and advancing all stages of commercial aquaculture processes – hatchery, on-growing, harvesting, and processing.
  • Developing novel marine finfish, shellfish, and algal cultivation from concept to commercialisation
  • Gathering, assessing, co-ordinating, and analysing data for companies
  • Conducting field trials
  • Sea lice bioassays
  • Histology and microscopy

NAFC Marine Centre UHI can also assist companies or consortium to find and secure funding sources as well as developing multi-partner projects where a project may require additional analytical services or additional specialisms.

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