Sullom Voe Master Plan Project


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If you are unable to attend a drop in session, you can still contribute through our online survey. To access the online survey please go to our survey webpage.


Throughput at Sullom Voe Terminal is changing, and the Shetland Islands Council are considering appropriate future use of Sullom Voe Harbour, an area which includes Sullom Voe and Yell Sound. The Shetland Islands Council has engaged the NAFC Marine Centre to help create a Master Plan for the Sullom Voe Harbour area. Sullom-Voe-Harbor-Overview-map.jpg

In line with Shetland Council policy to support community consultation and involvement in decision making, the Master Plan will be created based on input from local people and stakeholders such as the oil and gas, aquaculture and fishing sectors.

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan, in this context, means an overarching plan which guides development within a defined area. The Council will use it as statutory guidance to direct planning and leasing decisions in the area. The Plan will provide useful guidance for developers and will reflect the desires of the local community.

What influence does the community have?

The Council are keen to hear all feedback from the community, and are willing to consider all possible future management options, including the continuation of existing arrangements. A report detailing how the Council has responded to feedback will be published.

What can the community expect?

To develop the Master Plan the team will be gathering insights about community aspirations for the area, acceptable visual and physical impacts and an assessment of opportunities for different types of development. Where possible feedback will be mapped in GIS and made available in a number of formats including Google Earth.

All engagement opportunities will be advertised locally via The Shetland Times in surgeries (Brae, Hillswick and Yell), at the airstrip in Scatsta and Sumburgh airport, at the Toft and Ulsta ferry terminals, via Delting, Yell and Northmavine Community Councils and in local shops and post offices. In addition, relevant trade bodies for example Shetland Fishermen’s Association, Shetland Salmon Producers Organisation, Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation and Seafood Shetland will be actively involved.

Following on from introductory and orientation meetings with the community and sector representatives in November, more formal workshops will be run and drop in sessions organised in February 2019. An online and paper survey will assist with gathering views from as many people as possible and a newsletter will also be circulated. Summary reports, relevant background information and supporting materials will be posted on the website.

The timetable of the master plan can be found in our statement of public participation.

How does this fit with other things happening in the area?

The Council have applied for the Sullom Voe Harbour area to be a part of the Crown Estate Scotland Pilot Scheme. The Stage Two application will be submitted while the Master Plan process is ongoing.

The public consultation on the revised Shetland Islands’ Regional Marine Plan will also happen at the same time as the Master Plan is being developed.

Whilst this could mean an additional workload for some sectors and communities, the Council feels that as each of these processes informs the other, they should happen together and they will work hard to ensure that everyone is able to engage and have their opinions heard.

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Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email or phone 01595 772000. You can also write to us at the following address:

Marine Spatial Planning Team
NAFC Marine Centre
Port Arthur